One of the most luxurious and castle-like ballrooms meets Baylee and Cameron on their wedding day. Complete with a jaw dropping cake and spiral staircase, this picture perfect wedding was everything a little girl dreams of!

Morgan and Arie had a truly fantastic and intimate wedding at a beautiful, beautiful venue. Their special moments together stringed with funny speeches, happy tears, and silly dances made for such a fun-loving heartfelt video.

Alyssa and Andrew had such a fun wedding at one of my favorite venues; Ashton Gardens. I quickly made friends with her wedding party and the reception was such a blast to shoot because we were all just having fun! Alyssa and Andrew I wish you many years of happiness!

Yes yes so much yes! I have to admit I was laughing so much creating this video. Their vows are so personable and witty and I can’t get over how sweet they look at each other! Lisa and Henri you two are a one in a million couple and it’s no surprise you have friends and family coming from Spain, Ireland, Mexico, and so many other places just to see you get married.

Gabby and Hayden were one of my first clients as my own brand, so I hold this wedding date near and dear to my heart. One thing I love about them is the love they have for the Lord and keeping God in their marriage. Gabby and Hayden each wrote their own vows, which I LOVE and I’m happy to say they made me tear up!

Jennifer and Jason were such a lovely couple to capture. They held their intimate ceremony in a beautiful country club where close friends and family gathered to celebrate their new marriage. A giant game of Jenga entertained guests while couples danced and mingled for a perfect evening!

I may be partial to this couple because they share my last name… but boy do I love these two! We clicked instantly when Makenzie started quoting SpongeBob during their engagement shoot. From that point I knew this couple was going to be so much fun to work with. They’re playful, funny, and yet so so loving toward each other. I wish this couple nothing but the best in their marriage.

Jessica and Bradon are truly unforgettable clients. I met them about a year ago in October of 2017 where we had a consultation in Starbucks. They were charming and so kind to me, and talking to them really made me want to shoot their wedding. I felt honored to capture their wedding day, and I knew I wanted to make their video perfect for them.

Paige and Jay’s instagram teaser!
Paige is a princess… ok not literally a princess but look at her! This is one picture perfect couple. Not only do they look amazing together, but they truly are amazing together. I have to admit I cried during the best man’s speech. He read aloud the text Jay sent to him the day he bought Paige her engagement ring. The fact he kept that text and decided to read it to everyone at the reception was such a special moment and I’m so happy they have it in their reception video!

If you want to make your photog/videographer happy, make your venue the Dallas Arboretum. With stunning scenery and gorgeous lighting, their outdoor wedding made for a beautiful day. One thing I loved about Chanley and Kyle’s wedding was how FUN and funny their guests were. I was having a really great time laughing and joking around with her brother and sister and it made for really great clips of them enjoying themselves. I always try to get to know the families to make everyone feel comfortable!

Brandy and Ryan are the people you want to party with. Their wedding was nothing short of perfect. Their venue, The Grove, provided a lovely nature-feel with a tree house, outdoor seating, and plenty of room for dancing. Brandy and Ryan’s friends were so funny and gave the camera a show as the danced and lip-synced to music. Overall, it was a great wedding day!

There’s this laid-back, friendly, and welcoming environment when you are in the presence of Will and Hayley. She told me she was easy-going over email, and she was definitely right. It was so easy to work with these two because they make you feel so comfortable. They and their kids are a true representation of southern hospitality, and I hope to keep in touch with them for years to come!

I cried while making this. I used to cry while making almost every wedding video, but I slowly “grew out of it” per se and I don’t get emotional anymore. I just treat my job as a work of art and I try to pull myself out of the picture. I couldn’t pull myself out of this one. The way Amanda’s dad looks at her mom is so beautiful. The way Billy and Amanda dance together so gracefully and flawless. The way her sister hugs her close. I can feel all of it.

Out in the back country roads of Texas, you’ll find a beautiful space with a lot of land and a perfect background lake. Josh and Carley celebrated their wedding with family, laughter, and southern fun! This country wedding was fabulously fun and the first wedding I shot as my own brand!

Suzanne and Elliot had a charming and lively wedding at The Piazza in July. It was such an incredible day for the two of them and their families. Three words to describe the night?
So. Much. Dancing.
Wow this group can dance! They had so much fun their exuberant energy was contagious! There was not a single person in the room that didn’t have a smile on their face. These are the memories that will last a lifetime!

Complete with a mariachi band, French and Spanish ancestry, oh… and only vegan food… this wedding was absolutely PERFECTION. Straight off the bat I knew I’d fit in just fine when I saw how diverse their families were. With both Scott and Marianne being bilingual, and perhaps even trilingual, it was such a joy to be able to witness them and their families have the time of their lives.