Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I have (insert popular song) in my video?

A: Unfortunately I can no longer put popular songs into my highlight videos. I use a website called musicbed now, which gives you the license to a royalty free song in your video. The cost of your song is included in the total price of every videography package.

Q: How long will it take to receive my video(s)?

A: 8-10 weeks depending on the time of year. Please keep in mind that I have multiple weddings to shoot and edit, with each video taking weeks to edit. The editing process is timely and I thank you for your patience!

I now provide instagram teasers, which come out a week after your wedding so that you can enjoy a 1 minute clip before receiving your highlight video!

Q: Can we get the raw footage?

A: You have the option to purchase a ceremony and/or reception video, which are raw footage videos. I string together your entire ceremony, beginning to end in the ceremony video and key reception moments into your reception video of entire toasts, cake cutting, dancing, bouquet toss, and more!

Q: Do you offer re-edits?

This one is tricky… depends. Typically, I do not make any changes after the final edit. This is why it’s important that we have a face-to-face consultation so that I know exactly what you want. Let me know what shots you do NOT want, shots that are a MUST HAVE, and everything in-between. Consultations help me get to know you and your style of video you’re expecting. However, if there is a shot in your video that compromises someone’s personal information or identity, I will take it out.

Q: Are you insured?

A: Yes! I am insured by The Hartford. Many venues require a business insurance from your photographer or videographer and I will be happy to provide that for them.

Q: How do I pay and send you the contract?

A: I use a website called HoneyBook to organize and send my contracts, invoices, and questionnaires. You will have your own page where you can easily pay, sign, and communicate with me!

Q: How will my videos be delivered to me? 

A: Your videos will be sent to your address of choice via my customized USB drive.

Q: How will my photos be delivered to me?

A: Your photos will be shared to you in a private online gallery where you can download all your images. Wedding photos will be sent to your address of choice via USB drive.

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 Q: When will my photos be ready?

A:  Wedding photography takes longer to process and edit than an engagement or senior shoot. Wedding photos will be sent to you in approximately 1 month while other sessions will take less than a week to receive! I will always be in communication with you about the status of your pictures.

Q: Do you offer prints?

A: Yes I do as well as canvases and photo albums!

Q: I don’t know of a location to get my pictures done. Do you have any places in mind?

A: Yes! Don’t worry about searching for a location if you have no clue where to look. Just let me know the type of location (field, garden, brick wall, etc.) and I will provide you with options. I do NOT photograph on railroads. Why? Click here.

I also offer studio sessions for every photography package. I highly recommend this!

Q: Your prices have increased since the day I booked you. Do I owe you more now?

A: Nope! The quote you were given is the quote you will keep. Cheers!


Have a burning question that was not answered? Email me at LexiRodriPhotography@gmail.com