The hardest part

The hardest part about being a wedding videographer, for me at least, isn’t what you might think it is. It’s not the grueling hours spent importing footage, creating sequences, color grading each clip, adding music, exporting, or organizing files and weddings. It’s not shooting the same subject multiple times while holding my breath to make sure it’s at the exact angle I want while manually focusing. There’s a lot that goes in to pre and post production. But the hardest part… well it seems silly even attempting to type it out.

It’s editing out the flash from the photographer.

Photographers. I love them. God I love them. We have very similar jobs, and when I show up to a wedding I instantly introduce myself to the photographer because 9 times out of 10 we’ll exchange numbers and keep in touch after the wedding. Some of my best friends are wedding photographers; and they all started off as strangers hired by the bride and groom.

Unfortunately, photographers and videographers sometimes get in each other’s way. The problem is, is that we both want the best shot. We’re both here for the bride and groom, and we both want our camera to capture the best angle. Without communication, it can become frustrating when the photographer flashes every other second while I’m trying to shoot video. It’s unavoidable for some moments, especially if the lighting… sucks. But the hardest part of my job is making sure there isn’t flash going on while I shoot your video. Majority of the time the photographer will get all their shots and then stop to let me get video, and that works out perfectly. However, that’s not always the case, and I have to be vigilant to get the best shot in-between their flashes. It’s hard, and while I’m editing it’s even harder to take out the flash or cut in-between flashes.

I feel like this is such a stupid thing to vent about, and typing it out makes me wonder if any other videographers have this much of an annoyance with flash as I do. Bottom line is, if there’s a flash or two in your video, just know that it took me multiple takes to get the best shot, and it probably annoys me a lot more than it annoys you.