I hear this a lot, and every time I can’t help but sigh. Clients will send me:

Thank you for much for our video! Can you send us all the raw footage?

To put it quite simply, no I cannot. Here’s why:

Asking for the raw footage or unedited photos is like asking an author for all of their pre-planning, storyboard notes, original handwritten chapter manuscript, and unedited chapters with potential misspellings and word fragmentations.

If I give you my raw footage, there is a potential chance that you or someone you know has the ability to create a new video or videos based off of the work I’ve done. I don’t want my work to be distributed under a new format that could quite possibly look bad with my company name still attached to it. There is also the possibility that you or someone you know would edit my unedited photos. If the edits don’t look like my style or are simply over-edited and look funny, I would hate to have my company name attached to that.


Your raw videos will not be full-length clips. I shoot to edit, meaning that the raw footage alone is not seamless and well put-together. I shoot multiple takes of the same subject for editing variety and stylistic choices so that when I go back in my editor, I have options to choose from. Even the wedding ceremony footage can get choppy because there are two cameras for me to switch back and forth while editing. You would ultimately have to file through hundreds upon hundreds of clips to find the great shots, which is my job during the editing process.

I highly recommend against obtaining the raw footage files. However, If you would like to have your raw wedding ceremony or reception footage, I charge extra for a full length raw ceremony video or raw reception video. These videos are around 30 minutes long each and I string together all your raw footage in order so that you won’t have to shuffle through files.